Jon Oxtoby

Jon Oxtoby
Jon Oxtoby has worked with Autino since December 2019, using his wordsmithing skills to create great content for our CustomerLounge brand. With nearly a decade's experience writing for B2B tech companies, Jon is a seasoned copywriter and marketing afficionado who also enjoys snowboarding, video gaming, and making candles.

Money for nothing: discover how much Autino’s effortless promotions could earn your dealership

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 10-Dec-2021 12:00:00

Aftersales revenue – everybody wants more, but getting there feels like such an uphill struggle. CustomerLounge from Autino can make it easier – and our new calculator can show you just how much we could make you.

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What’s new from Autino – Autumn edition

Posted by Jon Oxtoby on 29-Sep-2021 12:00:00

As the seasons change (and of course, many businesses tick over from Q3 into Q4), the team here at Autino has been reflecting on what we’ve added to CustomerLounge in the last 3 months.

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