Nathan Elliott

Nathan Elliott
Jon joined the Autino team in December 2020, bringing his specialist writing skills to supercharge Autino's blogging and social presence. Passionate about the outdoors, video games, and his baby daughter, Jon works with Autino's marketing Manager Alex Knight to create blogs and social content for Autino's audience.

Millennials will buy cars if you sell to them on their terms

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 03-Jan-2019 12:00:00

Millennials. If you google the term you will get a number of different descriptions but Millennials are people who are born from 2001 onwards. As I’m classed as a generation Y it’s safe to say I feel old! But jokes aside, there is common misconception of Millennials- they are tight! Well Ally Bank reported that millennials are not buying cars less often than baby boomers or members of Generation X. They are saving money for longer periods before purchasing.

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GDPR and your dealer software

Posted by Nathan Elliott on 18-Dec-2018 12:00:00

The new data protection regulation is just around the corner so everyone’s asking the question “Are you ready?”. Despite being quite ominous, the question is an important one. Dealerships hold a lot of data in their CRMs and DMSs and there needs to be a few changes before the 25th May.

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