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Our powerful customer engagement tool, is tightly integrated into various applications Use it to engage with and upsell to your customers in a way that’s familiar to them, and on all their devices.

// Our products

A powerful customer engagement tool, CarLounge allows franchised retailers to engage with and upsell to customers in a way that’s familiar to them, and on all their devices.

Providing your customers with the best experience in today’s digital world has never been more critical.

CarLounge allows car retailers to deliver next level customer experience and at the same time drive aftersales profitability by:

Being transparent
Keep customers in the loop with progress status and conversations in their personal online portal.

Communicating efficiently
Convenient contact methods via chat, text message and email that work on customer’s phones.

Upselling more
Your products, presented at all times for your customer to buy without any pressure.

CarLounge is a platform that lets you engage with your customer as if they are across the service desk at anytime, anywhere and on the devices they use. It frees up your service advisors to do what they do best: keeping customers happy.

 Keep in touch

Through every step of their aftersales journey, keep your customers engaged in a way that’s familiar to them.

 Less telephone tag

Easy and convenient communication for your customer means your advisors can spend more time selling and less time chasing.

 Customer satisfaction

With total customer visibility from booking through to follow-up there’s maximum opportunity to keep your customer’s happy.

 Maximise upsell opportunities

With your ads being presented to the customer at every stage, there are multiple, pressure-free opportunities to maximise revenue.

Packed with smart features

Booking Integration
We can import bookings from all major DMS providers

Upsell Items
Sell more, to more people, more often. Present your customer with multiple, pressure-free opportunities to buy.

Live Chat
Your live conversation stream. A central chat feature for all communication between your team and customer.

More, integrated ways to keep in contact. Your customers can use text message, email or online live chat.

Post-visit Comms
Stay in touch after the day. Maximise your customer satisfaction AND likelihood of future work.

Job status updates
Keeping your customer up to date. A smart job status indicator so customers always know what’s going on.

Branded Interface
A tailored platform that matches your company branding.

Customisable adverts
Display unique adverts to your workshop customers to attract sales.


DMS integration
No additional data entry and every job is just there.


Never miss a customer contacting you again.


Advisor focus
Keep your service advisors doing what they do best: talking to customers.


Device compatible
Works brilliantly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Build workflows that keep customers informed before, during and after their visit.

Built for mobile
Contact your customers the way they want to be contacted.

It doesn’t matter what DMS you use. There’s no extra work for you.

CarLounge comes with customisable, automatic DMS customer imports built-in. There’s no rekeying, duplication or manual importing ever.   We’ll do the heavy lifting so you’re ready to speak to today’s customers on your first day.

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// Testimonials
Andreas Schaefer
Andreas Schaefer

“CustomerVue is the only program that gives me full control over my workshop. It has become an essential part of our process that I can’t do without. It is the world’s best workshop tracking/dealer management system!”


Andreas Schaefer

Service Advisor & ‘2010 Volkswagen Service World Champion’

Mark Fieldwick
Mark Fieldwick

“We’d be lost without it when it comes to dealing with customers, as it gives us transparency across our workshop and means anyone can find out exactly what has been communicated to and from our customers.”


Mark Fieldwick

Aftersale Manager

Darren McDivitt
Darren McDivitt

“I love it. Visually, it’s extremely powerful to be able to see at a glance, a whole day’s worth of customer jobs progressing through my workshop. I swear by it.”


Darren McDivitt

Service Manager

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

“CustomerVue gives both me and my team central visibility of every job on and off site, which has made life a lot easier and increased satisfaction scores as well as revenue for us.”


Chris Brown

Worskshop Controller

George Andrews
George Andrews

“CustomerVue is an invaluable tool for a smooth running aftersales department which excels in customer care and delivers in terms of profitability.”


George Andrews

Aftersales Manager

Gregg Dalgliesh
Gregg Dalgliesh

“CustomerVue gives us accountability and continuity in the department: I know that everyone is looking at the same thing on screen, regardless of where they are in the business.”


Gregg Dalgliesh

Service manager