Self-service management software for independent garages.

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Garage software made easy.

The independent automotive repair landscape is changing. 84% of UK garages are now using software to run their business, with 4 in 10 choosing digital methods to better manage their admin time and 1 in 4 recognising the need to improve customer communication. Centralised customer, job & invoice management can give most garages back an hour a day, giving them more time to manage their repairs, and more sales from the time they claw back, while having the right tool for garage staff to have a clear picture of repairs and communicating with their customers has never been more important.

Fix more cars. Not computers.

Managing and paying for traditional computer hardware and garage software can be an expensive and painful process that distracts garage owners from their core business of fixing cars. CarVue works in a web browser so it works on the devices you already own. No software to install, no hardware to maintain and simple, pay-as-you-go pricing plans that fit garages of all sizes.

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This is the future of automotive aftersales
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