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CustomerLounge is an aftersales communication platform that enables customers to chat with service advisors in real time, receiving answers to queries faster and improving customer satisfaction.

Automated messaging enables you to easily remind customers of upcoming appointments and check them in, while personalised product offers have been proven to boost revenue for dealerships.

Achieve dramatic results

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Fewer calls

CustomerLounge meant Dick Lovett reduced inbound phone calls by 31% in just four weeks.

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Better conversations

59% of customers are using CustomerLounge to communicate with dealers instead of calling them.


Happier customers

After using CustomerLounge, Partridge of Hampshire boosted NPS from 10 to 51 points.

Deliver a premium customer experience

Communication was one of our most mentioned customer issues. Now it's one of our most mentioned strengths.

Mark - Partridge BMW

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More personal

Responsive communication reduces customer anxiety and establishes trust.

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More convenient

Customers can message outside regular working hours. Easier for them and means fewer phone calls for you.

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Higher productivity

Boost your dealer's efficiency by reducing the need to make and receive calls.

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Increased revenue

Customers can buy specific products and services online at their leisure.

Key features

Online customer chat

Two-way conversations, one powerful platform

Designed for mobile, send files, images, videos and VHCs by SMS and/or email. Receive desktop notifications so you never miss a reply. All timestamped and dated, giving you an instant audit trail.

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Automated messages

Update customers before, during and after their visit

Send automated booking and pre-visit reminders, advisor introduction messages and feedback requests. Customise the content to fit your brand.

Pressure-free promotions

Promote the right products and services at the right time.

CustomerLounge users experience a pressure-free sales channel, open 24/7. Promote particular products and services to your entire customer base in one go.

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What CustomerLounge users say

" All round a much more pleasurable experience than the previous dealer. "

" Liked the reminder service, both by email and text. "

" You provide a friendly, helpful and professional service that I very much appreciated. "

" I think this way of communicating is really brilliant! "

" Excellent communication - polite and friendly. Perfect motoring! "

" Having all communication in one place is great. "

" This is an impressive service. I like the fact that the communication is open both ways so there's no confusion. "

" Very modern, informative, personal, great service. "

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Customer Engagement Report

  • Understand what customers want from dealership communications
  • Compare yourself to other dealerships in the UK
  • Discover how to provide the best digital communications experience for customers
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CustomerLounge has allowed us to evolve digitally and become an easier, more convenient business to deal with. Both our customers and staff now have more time available and are spending less time on the phone.

Toby Cartell - Head of Business, BMW Hook

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