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Wouldn’t it be great if you no longer had to rely on in-store displays and pushy service advisors to make extra sales on parts and accessories? In a scenario where customers interact with dealerships online, this could easily be the norm.

Dealing with customers online isn’t just a more convenient and straightforward way to communicate: it’s also a massive sales opportunity. A handy place to showcase relevant parts and accessories, at the same time as telling Sophie you’ve finished the repairs on her Audi A6.

From the point of booking through to car collection, relevant parts and accessories could be shown to Sophie, along with detailed info and imagery. All in a completely pressure-free environment. She can browse and choose extra products and services in her own time via a consumer portal.

The bottom line? More sales, with considerably less effort.

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Assuming 30% of customers buy 1 additional product at an average of £11

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(based on 313 days/year)


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