Dick Lovett reduces inbound calls by 31% with CustomerLounge

Dick Lovett BMW reduces inbound calls with CustomerLounge by Autino

The challenge:

Inbound calls getting in the way of great service

It’s a core part of the service advisor’s role to speak with customers who call the dealership with a query. But what do you do when the volume of those calls becomes difficult to manage?

This was the challenge faced by premium car dealer group Dick Lovett. Its BMW and MINI call centre was handling, on average, 480 calls per week purely about existing bookings – around 1 call every 7 or 8 minutes. Jonathan Robbins, CRM Manager at Dick Lovett, adds:

“We aim to provide extremely high levels of service to all our customers – but call volume was making that a challenge. The contact centre would receive circa 480 calls a week for customers looking to check or amend their booking. This would impact the service levels in the contact centre and also provide an obstacle with getting to outbound prospecting. We needed a solution that would reduce the call traffic and improve our service levels and output.”

To address the challenge, Jonathan knew they needed to get smarter with how they handled customer communications. 


" It solves our challenges in the back office, while also enabling customers to communicate with us digitally. It’s a double-win. "

Jonathan Robbins
CRM Manager, Dick Lovett



The solution: 

CustomerLounge from Autino 

Dick Lovett chose to implement CustomerLounge in 4 of its dealerships, enabling service advisors to communicate directly with customers about their bookings via a web-based chat interface. Through CustomerLounge, dealerships can proactively remind customers of upcoming appointments, send them instructions, and also send images and videos of work performed or issues identified during the service. Customers receive a SMS message whenever the dealership sends them a message, can view messages on any device, and can chat in real time with service advisors. 

Using CustomerLounge, Dick Lovett’s call centres handle far fewer calls about existing bookings. Service advisors can respond to customer queries directly and adjust existing bookings themselves – keeping customers more informed and therefore satisfied, while freeing up the call centre to deal with new bookings. 

“It solves our challenges in the back office, while also enabling customers to communicate with us digitally,” says Jonathan. “It’s a double-win in that regard.” 


" We can serve more customers, faster and giving better service, while spending less time on the phones."

Jonathan Robbins
CRM Manager, Dick Lovett



The results: 

A 31% drop in calls, and a game-changer for Dick Lovett 

The rollout to the 4 BMW and MINI sites saw a reduction in inbound servicing calls of 31% in just 3 months – a massive win for the business. That number looks set to improve further as Jonathan rolls out CustomerLounge to all their BMW and MINI sites. 

“It’s been incredible,” says Jonathan. “We can serve more customers, faster and giving better service, while spending less time on the phones. That frees our people up so they can provide the very best service to customers who do phone in, protecting our brand.” 

Based on this success, Dick Lovett is also considering rolling out CustomerLounge across their other premium brands, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar. 

“Our premium brand customers are very discerning,” says Jonathan. “They need to know that we’ll look after them and their car with the utmost care; CustomerLounge goes a long way to helping show our customers that we’re a modern, service-oriented, high-quality brand that they can trust.” 

Inbound calls slashed

Dick Lovett's BMW & MINI divisions reduced inbound calls by 31% in just three months.

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