Improve your customer satisfaction scores

A typical customer visit usually involves a bunch of missed calls, answerphone messages and post-it notes. This is just how it has always been. But with poor communication continuing to top the list of reasons drivers award low customer satisfaction scores, something clearly needs to change.

Our messaging software, CustomerLounge, brings a refreshing end to those so-often-inconvenient phone calls. Instead, from the point of booking, customers can connect instantly with their dealership via a personal webpage. Instead of missed calls, they’ll receive mobile notifications that they can respond to when it suits them.

By making communication more convenient, dealerships are more likely to achieve higher satisfaction scores. Which, in turn, could lead to lucrative rewards in the form of bonuses.

£110,000 bonus

A premium-brand car dealership achieved its customer satisfaction goal with its OEM. This resulted in a £110,000 net bonus.

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