Partridge of Hampshire boosts NPS by 40 points with the help of CustomerLounge

Partridge of Hampshire - BMW & MINI dealership

The challenge:

Poor satisfaction threatening performance

Despite being the largest BMW centre in the area, Partridge of Hampshire unfortunately found itself in the bottom 10% of BMW dealers in the UK for customer satisfaction scores in 2019. These scores were having a knock-on effect on customer and staff retention and preventing Partridge from achieving bonuses from BMW for improved satisfaction scores.

“We identified that communications were our biggest problem area,” explains Mark Bray, Aftersales Manager at Partridge. “One of my biggest issues was customers complaining of poor communication. I knew, for instance, that we weren’t contacting customers promptly enough, and that as a result we were perceived as difficult to do business with. I knew that we could do better.”

To make communications more customer-centric, Mark and the team decided to implement several measures – including CustomerLounge from Autino.


" I hate making calls. I do everything else throughout the day by chat. I found CustomerLounge easy to use, familiar and convenient. "

Partridge of Hampshire



The solution:

CustomerLounge from Autino 

CustomerLounge enables service advisors to send messages, files, images and videos to customers, which they can view on any device. It means service advisors can respond to queries faster, provide more information – for instance, attaching videos showing details of repairs – and proactively contact customers about their service, MOT or repair. All of this provides the customer with a better service – while enabling service advisors to deal with customers faster than they could via phones and email. 

After a smooth implementation, Partridge service advisors fully embraced this new method of customer engagement – as did customers. Reports showed consistently high levels of messages being sent and received, and it wasn’t long before the impact of CustomerLounge was clear. 


" This is truly the modern way of retailing. "

Mark Bray
Aftersales Manager, Partridge of Hampshire



The results: 

Winning customer service, real business results: 

  • The share of detractors dropped from 30% to under 9% with promoters jumping from 39% to nearly 60% 
  • Partridge’s Ease Of Business rating has rocketed from 13 to 64, with 71% of customers rating them 9/10 or higher 
  • Overall satisfaction has gone from 69% to 86.8%

It’s a set of results that has put Partridge into the top 10 BMW businesses in their region, and in the top 50% nationally. 

Partridge Net Promotor Score (NPS)

“We can see that our communications are what’s driving these phenomenal results,” Mark comments. “Beforehand, communication was one of our most frequently mentioned issues from customers. Now, it’s one of our most frequently mentioned strengths.” 

In fact, an analysis of customer comments shows that due to CustomerLounge, customers are rating the business more positively across the board, and the volume of negative comments has fallen too. 

Best of all, Partridge’s improved customer satisfaction scores give the dealership a chance to earn a significant bonus from BMW, if it can become the top performer for customer satisfaction. “It sounds crazy to say that CustomerLounge could deliver directly to our bottom line, but ultimately it’s true,” says Mark. “This is truly the modern way of retailing.” 

Satisfaction turnaround

Partridge's BMW Net Promoter Score rose from 10 to 51 points and overall satisfaction jumped from 69 to 87%.

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