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07 Apr 2021

Are all-in-one digital tools right for dealerships?

Many dealerships look for digital tools that can handle a multitude of different tasks in their aftersales department. The simplicity and convenience of this approach are obvious – but is it a mistake?

04 Mar 2021

Rethinking VHCs with digital tools

Vehicle health checks (VHCs) are valuable tools for aftersales departments. But there’s a world of difference between a good VHC and a great one. Digital tools may hold the answer.

04 Mar 2021

4 steps to switching from phone-based to digital-first communications

If you’re ready to digitise the way your aftersales department communicates with customers, this blog will help you understand how to get started.

01 Mar 2021

Rethinking the relationship between digital and personal

Many people argue that digital tools and services are inferior to the service that a genuine human being can offer. But the relationship between digital and personal services is more complicated than that.

24 Feb 2021

4 tips to make service more personal

83% of dealerships agree that customer satisfaction increases significantly when customers receive tailor-made services. How can aftersales teams deliver the personal touch at scale when they’re so busy all of the time?

22 Feb 2021

Let's talk about VHC

Vehicle Health Checks (VHCs) are a valuable tool for dealerships – but many aren’t taking advantage of them. In this blog we’ll explain how they can improve customer satisfaction and revenue in your dealership.

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