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10 Feb 2021

Solving the constant communication problem

The way in which your customers want to communicate with your dealership is evolving – but that’s putting strain on your aftersales team. How can you satisfy customers without increasing pressure on your service advisors?

09 Feb 2021

What can car dealerships learn from phone companies?

On the face of it, mobile phone providers and car dealerships feel like totally different businesses. But when it comes to dealing with customers, there’s a thing or two that car dealerships could learn from phone providers.

03 Feb 2021

The challenges of using social media to talk to customers

Instant messaging could help dealerships communicate better with aftersales customers, and so increase customer satisfaction. But how do you deliver that service? Social media is one option – but is it the right way to go?

26 Jan 2021

3 ways your service advisors can achieve faster response times

Whether it’s instant messaging apps, mobile games designed to keep users hooked with constant rewards, or watching the likes rack up on a social media post, humans are becoming less content to wait for a response.

21 Jan 2021

Are you providing customers with all the info they need?

What information does a customer need when they bring their car in for a service, an MOT, or a repair? Back in the day, all they needed was the information on the work you did, and the invoice. But these days, customers are expecting rather more.

19 Jan 2021

3 ways to deal with customers who want their car NOW

How many times per week do your service advisors have to deal with customers who expect their car to be ready earlier than it is?

14 Jan 2021

Powerful new reporting features arrive in CustomerLounge

CustomerLounge dealers can now generate reports that give powerful insights into their dealership from one easily accessible location.

04 Jan 2021

Do you know what the ideal customer service experience looks like?

There’s no question that what customers expect from dealerships is changing when it comes to services, MOTs and repairs. But do you know what your customers are actually looking for in their dealings with you?

15 Dec 2020

Mind the gap

Our latest research revealed that 72% of customers think it's important to communicate digitally when it comes to car servicing. Yet 82% of service advisors still reach for the phone every time. How do you bridge the gap?

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