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14 Jan 2021

Powerful new reporting features arrive in CustomerLounge

CustomerLounge dealers can now generate reports that give powerful insights into their dealership from one easily accessible location.

04 Jan 2021

Do you know what the ideal customer service experience looks like?

There’s no question that what customers expect from dealerships is changing when it comes to services, MOTs and repairs. But do you know what your customers are actually looking for in their dealings with you?

15 Dec 2020

Mind the gap

Our latest research revealed that 72% of customers think it's important to communicate digitally when it comes to car servicing. Yet 82% of service advisors still reach for the phone every time. How do you bridge the gap?

25 Nov 2020

Five crucial ways to build trust online

With online being the first and most comprehensive source of research when buying a car, the dealership’s ability to create trust online is fundamental to future business success.

20 Oct 2020

Getting the digital car buying experience right

Today's car buying experience is now a digital one for practically everyone, with 95% of us using websites in the buying journey, and we are increasingly completing more of the process in a virtual space.

12 Oct 2020

Treating customers as individuals

If there’s one thing operating in the aftermath of a global pandemic has taught us, it’s that customers are individuals and need to be treated as such.

11 Sep 2020

Vehicle subscriptions - a new way forward?

With consumers already comfortable with subscription services in many areas of their lives, could their car be the next big thing?

03 Sep 2020

7 steps to better dealership experiences

More than ever customer experience is the key to a dealership’s success. And with the UK economy facing its biggest challenge since the 2008 financial crash, dealers will be keen to secure every piece of business possible.

17 Aug 2020

Managing the MOT backlog

The government's six month MOT extension has resulted in good news for dealers with increased demand. Being prepared and preparing customers is the best course of action to continue to spread the workload over the next few months.

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