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21 Apr 2020

Transforming aftersales post-pandemic and beyond

Workshops are likely to be faced with the challenge of managing pent up demand once businesses reopen following the lockdown.

07 Apr 2020

Connected car data and who will get to use it

As technology in cars becomes ever more sophisticated and more connected cars are driven on our roads, the amount of data they produce is immense. Driving behaviours which can inform offers, highly accurate service alerts and the car ‘diagnosing’ its own faults and communicating directly with the dealer or manufacturer, the possibilities are endless...

06 Apr 2020

The technology driving happier customers

Getting in touch with customers prior to their visit is fairly common for car dealers, but communicating with a customer when their car is in the workshop can often be a different story...

04 Mar 2020

How to improve customer experience: aftersales

Aftersales has long been the bread and butter for both independent and franchised repair outlets. How do you make sure that you're always improving the experience for your customers?

04 Mar 2020

How to improve customer experience: sales

How do you deliver efficient, smooth and exemplary vehicle sales customer experience in a fast-moving, digital world and sector which is undergoing dramatic change?

17 Feb 2020

Making digital and physical work together

Sounds simple right? Your digital services should work together with your physical workshop or forecourt. So how come customers are left having to explain themselves several times...

17 Feb 2020

How digital is transforming the automotive customer experience

Digital has fundamentally changed how we buy and maintain our cars. From researching the next vehicle to comparing prices, booking test drives and servicing online. The list is pretty endless...and yet digital continues to transform our customer experience.

24 Jan 2020

Seven steps to future proof your dealership

According to Deloitte, car dealers should be implementing the types of customer experiences that motorists are already enjoying with the likes of digital innovators such as Amazon and Apple.

23 Dec 2019

Customer experience is the differentiator, but dealers haven’t cracked it yet

Dealers have long recognised that it is the customer experience which ensures a business stands out and customer satisfaction levels have been a key business metric for decades.

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