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25 Feb 2019

UK dealer groups feature strongly in top listings for Europe

UK dealers figure highly in the top European listings for non-manufacturer owned groups, according to automotive research and consultancy the ICDP.

04 Feb 2019

Autino joins CDK Global’s new Partner Programme

Automotive software providers Autino, developers of CustomerVue, the online aftersales software for franchised dealers, today announces it has joined CDK Global’s new Partner Programme.
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01 Feb 2019

Interested in trialling our latest software?

We’re looking for franchised dealers who are interested in joining an Autino-funded pilot programme of our digital consumer engagement platform, CustomerLounge. 

29 Jan 2019

Announcing our new product logos

Big news! Today we're announcing the new Autino product family with the launch of new logos and branding for our suite of automotive software products.
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13 Nov 2018

CustomerVue feature update: All-new Inbox

We're really excited to announce that an all-new messaging interface is coming very soon to all CustomerVue users. Our new inbox makes it easier and quicker to find the messages that count.

04 Oct 2018

Autino now a Microsoft Partner

We’re delighted to announce that Autino is now a Microsoft Partner at Silver level for Application Development.
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03 Sep 2018

Does your DMS Have These Key Features?

An effective Dealer Management System has some pretty key features that means your processes are streamlined, your communication is optimised and you’re able to nurture and sell effortlessly.
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03 Sep 2018

"Car buyers likely to ditch dealers that get their details wrong"

I recently read an article that talked about a recent study by Marketing Delivery. It found that 57% of UK motorists said they would be less likely to purchase a new vehicle from a dealership that made an error such as their name or details of their current vehicle.
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03 Sep 2018

Strong aftersales is what develops a dealership's brand

With literally hundreds of franchise car dealerships in the UK only, it is difficult for dealers to differentiate themselves from one another. This also means that differentiation is key to stand out, especially with the changing definitions of loyalty. I’ve mentioned this stat before but it’s recent and it well worth considering- AutoLoop carried out a study called “Life After Loyalty – Learning to Embrace Customer Engagement” and found that 60% of millennial customers said they were loyal to a brand, even though they shop elsewhere. This says a lot to dealerships about their retention and means that there is a need to differentiate that is stronger than ever.

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