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03 Sep 2018

As UK new car sales drop dealers need to focus on existing customers

According to the SMMT 2.5 million cars were registered in 2017. This is a 5.7% drop from 2016. This may come as a surprise to many as the market has been growing year on year since 2012.
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03 Sep 2018

Is Your Current DMS Equipped For The Modern Customer?

The modern customer is savvy, informed and in control. Their expectations are high and their patience is low. This is true in every industry and is particularly the case in the automotive industry and, more specifically, the car-buying and after sales processes.
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03 Sep 2018

Increase Your Revenue Through Our CustomerVue

According to AutoVHC’s research, failure to complete vehicle health checks cost the average franchised dealership £11,000 in aftersales revenue last summer. AutoVHC’s business unit director Chris Saunders added that service departments are “simply throwing away revenue opportunities”.
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03 Sep 2018

B2B Selling Strategy... Shudder

B2B Selling Strategy- A discussion point that came up at a convention recently. The phrase alone left me cold. In 20 years of selling I’ve taken a number of prescribed selling courses, apparently honing my skills in modern selling. After applying and adapting these skills over hundreds of sales meetings I’m convinced that by far the most critical element is almost completely lost on all course providers.
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03 Sep 2018

Does your DMS match your expectations?

I’ve said it before, the DMS will be the heart of your dealership. But, what I want to know is, does it match your expectations?
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03 Sep 2018

Achieve More Aftersales

Are you up to speed? The aftersales industry is worth £99 billion* in the UK so it makes sense to invest the time to get your aftersales approach on point. But are you up to speed with the how the market is changing?
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03 Sep 2018

By ignoring the digital customer, you’re ignoring revenue.

There are a lot of stages to the modern car-buyer journey. The majority of the process is now online, with customers coming into dealerships only when they have a clear idea of what they’re buying, at the end of their buying journey.
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03 Sep 2018

How To Maximise The Value Of Your Leads

The word CRM often brings a shiver down many people’s spine, but let’s be honest, if you have a CRM that’s organised and holds clean data, it’s a highly valuable asset. A CRM that is managed and used correctly has the ability to streamline your entire dealership sales process and improve performance of each of your leads.
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03 Sep 2018

Are you meeting customers on their terms?

We now live in a fast-paced world where technology is forever transforming our daily lives. Within the automotive sector I feel we have embraced technology and used it to our advantage in creating new car designs and models that not only look and perform better but also take into consideration the environment. 

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