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A guide to increasing customer satisfaction in your dealership in 2018

Jon Oxtoby

Nathan Elliott

03 Sep 2018

The digitalisation of the buying process has particularly effected the automotive industry. Customers are carrying out most of the buying journey online and, in most cases, only come into the dealership when they have almost made their purchase decision. Everything is quick, easy and optimised and this is what has become the norm. Anything that doesn’t hit the mark with those points sticks out like an underperforming sore thumb.

Customers demand more and expect more, and this means that dealerships need to provide more. Delighting the customer has never been so important, with the flippancy of loyalty and the ease of finding a competitor and comparing experiences, it’s key to stay one step ahead of the customer in 2018. We’ve noted this and are here to help! We’ve created this guide that takes you through the 5 key elements of customer satisfaction. These steps consider the new digital environment, trends and aftersales issues that still arise now. 

If you’re ready to start focussing on driving customer satisfaction and retention in your dealership then click the link below to download the guide. See where you’re up to scratch and where you need to focus your attention, whether it be establishing a consistent message or providing an optimised aftersales customer journey and experience.

Happy reading!

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