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Car buyers likely to ditch dealers that get their details wrong

Jon Oxtoby

Nathan Elliott

03 Sep 2018

I recently read an article that talked about a recent study by Marketing Delivery. It found that 57% of UK motorists said they would be less likely to purchase a new vehicle from a dealership that made an error such as their name or details of their current vehicle.

I was immediately reminded of Dale Carnegie’s esteemed “How to make friends and influence people” and a quote that’s stuck with me my entire working life. “Remember that a person's name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”

I’ve had experience of receiving communication from dealerships where they get key details wrong. These errors are silly mistakes that show there has been a lack of care, lack of attention or lack of a process within the dealership and will undo any goodwill that has already been built up between dealership and customer. On another occasion I remember getting an MOT; it was a great experience with a really efficient sales guy and a week later I received an email asking if my MOT was due. This made me think that all the great service with a smile and putting the customer first was completely false.

These basic errors are easy to avoid with the right internal processes and systems in place. The right dealer management system is going to allow you to input data with the customer, as soon as a member of staff deals with them. The system will hold a record of each customer where data can be updated by any part of the dealership. With integrated, transparent data capture, getting customer’s details wrong isn’t an option.

With the huge growth of data and the rise of ‘big data’ comes huge uncertainty when it comes to the security of our personal data. Recent ICO research has shown that only a fifth of the UK public have trust and confidence in companies and organisations storing their personal information. Consumers now value trust, reliability and reassurance. Getting their basic details wrong is a sure-fire way to demonstrate the complete opposite of that.

This is also concerning when you consider how promiscuous consumers are being with car dealerships. Autoloop found that 60% of millennial customers said they were loyal to a brand even though they shop elsewhere. These changing definitions of loyalty should be considered as new car sales dip and retaining current customers becomes top priority.

Customers are looking for transparency, reliability and consistency when it comes to dealership touchpoints. Make sure you have the systems in place that mean you can communicate with your customers as if they were across the service desk from you. This is how you develop a dealership’s brand and this is what will keep car-buyers coming to your dealership.

Need help with pulling this off? Providing your customers with the best experience in today’s digital world has never been more critical. We’ve been enhancing digital experiences for consumers and motor retailers since 2003, read more about how we can do this for you here or contact me on or give me a call on 03333 444 765

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