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CustomerLounge integration with EMaC set to give your monthly sales a welcome boost!

Jon Oxtoby

Catherine Osborn

15 Mar 2022

There’s no denying it, it’s been a tough time for dealerships — slowing sales and supply issues against the backdrop of a global pandemic have added up to a perfect storm. And frankly, I’d be insulting your intelligence if I told you automated sales promotions were the answer to all your financial prayers, but I can say with confidence that they are helping to keep the wolves from the door with monthly incomes that could make a welcome contribution to the wage bill — or, given the current climate, your electricity and gas bills.

I’d like to focus in on one promotion that’s been doing particularly well for our customers — service plans. And there’s a number of reasons for that success:

  1. Service plans deliver bigger revenues than, say, oil top-ups (but they’re doing really well too!).
  2. Integration with EMaC — a leading supplier of car service plans to the top 200 UK motor groups — means service plans can be sold almost effortlessly through CustomerLounge.
  3. CustomerLounge’s smart algorithms check which of your customers already have service plans so a) you don’t sell to people who already have one and b) you can contact customers when their plan is about to expire.

Early signs are that the integration is helping to push more and more service plan sales over the line. One dealership told us: “The fact we’re only promoting to people who are ready for a service plan means we’re getting really good conversions for very little effort on our part. It’s great.”

Cultivate Conversions

Before we launched the EMaC integration, we had a 6% conversion rate for service plans, which was already very good but they didn’t always lead to sales. That’s because enquiries had to be completed manually and for various reasons, not every expression of interest was completed. Now, your customers can complete the transaction there and then, and you still get your commission.

Our latest stats show service plan conversions sat at 14% — and that’s sales, not enquiries.

Another of our customers describes CustomerLounge as their ‘silent salesman’ saying: “We haven’t had any negative feedback at all. Other than a small amount of internal communication activity before each promotion, it’s pretty much handsfree.”

Ready, set, go!

The great news is that if you’re already on board with CustomerLounge, you’re already a step or two away from powering up your EMaC sales. Just get in touch, and we’ll help you get started.

If you’re not yet in the CustomerLounge gang though, why not book a demo now and find out what you’re missing?

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