Dealers Missing Out On Opportunity

Dealers still missing opportunities through inaccurate data

Jon Oxtoby

Alex Knight

02 Sep 2019

Research has found that a third of all data held by franchised dealers is either inaccurate or incomplete , which means they will struggle to maximise MOT and service work.

The research, from digital agency Marketing Delivery, found administrative issues in 2016, the height of soaring new car registrations, meant much of the correct information wasn’t recorded. Now, when registrations are declining, franchised dealers could be taking advantage of an aftersales boom as these cars find their way into the workshop for their first MOT.

Such oversights have two major repercussions for the independent sector. Firstly, those vehicle owners could well be migrating to the independent sector without a robust system in place to persuade them to stick with the franchised network. Secondly, there’s a lesson to be learned that future dates need to be captured to futureproof the business.

Of the 47,500 anonymised customer records analysed by Marketing Delivery, 11% were missing a mobile number, 18% didn’t include an email address and 7% of were missing a ‘due date’ for customer car MOTs. Dealers with the poorest data capture processes in place saw 34% of records with the information missed. For routine servicing ‘due dates’ were missing in 11% of all records, with the worst dealers for accurate data capture experiencing up to 40% of customer records with inaccuracies or missing information.

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