GDPR And Your Dealer Software 1

GDPR and your dealer software

Jon Oxtoby

Nathan Elliott

18 Dec 2018

The new data protection regulation is just around the corner so everyone’s asking the question “Are you ready?”. Despite being quite ominous, the question is an important one. Dealerships hold a lot of data in their CRMs and DMSs and there needs to be a few changes before the 25th May.

Data Source

The data you hold needs to be accounted for- where did you source it? Have you got a document of your data details? When was the data captured? How was it captured? By who? What for?


You’re going to have a lot of data subjects and their personal details on record. You might use this to spot trends, base marketing or up-selling on, or just to send messages to. This is going to be a bit trickier now…

All data subjects need to have choice and control so it is in your hands to re-gain consent. When asking again for data subject’s consent, you need to be clear, totally transparent and very specific. Data subjects need to know exactly what will happen to their personal data and why. This is important with dealership management software as a customer may give their personal data to you, but they may only give it to you for use on their appointment booking, not for up-selling and follow-up marketing messages. This is where consent needs to be explicit and gained for every activity. Dealerships need to communicate that it will not only be them using customer’s data, but the manufacturers too. Manufacturers, therefore, also need to be very clear with their intentions as customers have every right to opt out of giving their data.


Not only do you need to keep evidence and details of personal data and where you got it from, but you also need to keep evidence of the consent, when it was given and when it was received. Record everything!

Dealerships need to consider this from the moment customers walk in their dealership and become a customer, right through to customers they have had for years. The new GDPR covers all stages of data collection and processing. Individuals now have the right to be informed, and this covers a lot of ground.

Dealerships need to speak with their DMS and CRM providers to understand best practice when it comes to the new regulations. This is important from the top down and IT departments will need a lot of support to ensure they are compliant.

With the updating and cleansing of dealership’s data records, they will see a stronger, more receptive data set that want to hear from them. This means, more targeted marketing and more effective marketing with less waste. It’s not all doom and gloom! Data governance will bring with it a lot of benefits. Customer’s trust in you as a dealership is going to grow as you are providing them with transparency and keeping them fully informed. This will improve your brand image and reputation, when your processes are squeaky clean, you are going to develop better relationships. These things are all going to help with your ability to stand out as a dealership and develop a competitive edge. So, let’s finish preparing and be ready for a data cleanse in our dealerships! 

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