How big is the ADAS market?

Jon Oxtoby

Alex Knight

29 May 2019

Part I of our focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) explores the size of the market and the proliferation of such features on today’s vehicles.

Systems to aid the driver with everything from accident avoidance to staying in lane are commonplace on modern vehicles and are now considered a vital stepping stone on the road to autonomous driving.

The ADAS market is big business for component manufacturers with the global ADAS Market valued at $25,116 million in 2016, and predicted to reach at $143,051 million by 2025, growing 21.2% from 2017 to 2025.

Legislation is also driving the ADAS market, the EU, for example, has identified 11 ADAS safety measures it wants fitted to all cars by 2021. The features would save an estimated 7,300 lives and 38,000 serious injuries from 2020 to 2030 whilst thereduction in injuries would seeEU countries €73 billion better off.

The 11 safety measures include autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assistance and fatigue monitoring systems, which will be mandatory on all new cars if the proposals are given the green light.

Automatic emergency braking has been included in the European New Car Assessment Programme test procedure since 2014 and with manufacturers keen to achieve the highest Euro NCAP safety rating, it has helped drive wider ADAS introduction.

Although a step in the road to autonomous driving, ADAS cannot simply be configured and left, calibration in the workshop is still required and arguably offers an additional revenue stream for dealers.

In the same way as other vehicle parts need repair and maintenance, ADAS will sometimes need attention from specially trained technicians with the right equipment and diagnostics.

Aftermarket Online provides a list of some of the reasons when ADAS calibration is required:-

  •  After the replacement of a windscreen
  •  When the vehicle has been involved in an accident and suffered damage to a radar system
  •  When the system is fallen out of calibration
  •  If the calibration has been altered or the measuring devices moved out of calibration
  •  When new components have been replaced and requires calibration

Already, some companies are providing ADAS calibration equipment to enable garages to carry out diagnostics and repairs. According to one supplier, ADAS calibration can attract a price tag of £250 yet leasing calibration and diagnostic equipment can be as little as £75 per week.

ADAS calibration can also lead to other work needing to be undertaken such as wheel alignment whilst different ADAS equipment need different levels of calibration depending on their complexity and some sensors will require road testing.

Providing ADAS calibration can also provide added value for customers and the more they understand about the different systems and what's needed to keep them functioning at their optimum, the more likely they will agree to such work being undertaken in the workshop.

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