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How do you increase customer loyalty in aftersales?

Jon Oxtoby

Nathan Elliott

15 May 2018

I know that enhancing the ownership experience for your customers is a key priority but the modern customer has higher expectations. They now require and expect immediate information, personalised services and offers and consistency, which is imperative to the customer-dealer relationship.

A recent study* revealed that service advisors play a major part in creating brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. This was based upon the following key stats that influence the customer:

  • Around 19% said that service experience was key
  • 27.9% said that vehicle service played a major part
  • And 35% said that the overall attitude of the staff was key

Overall, the stats show the power is in your hands. The customer is clearly expecting a consistent service and experience from the entire customer journey and with every touchpoint from your brand.

So, the question that I wanted to raise is how would you win more service/aftersales business?

Well, I'd consider the technology that is on offer. To truly enable dealerships to speak to customers on their terms, it’s time to embrace the technology that enables us to do this. Ideally, you will want a software that can not only integrate with your current DMS, but also allows you to choose platforms that integrate customer touch points into one premium experience which allows you to enhance your customer retention rates.


Are your current marketing touchpoints and communications enough?

Let’s take a step back and consider all of the channels and platforms the modern customer uses and how digital is a standard now. I think it’s time that dealerships ask themselves if they are really up to speed when it comes to communicating with their audience on digital platforms?

The technology is there, I believe dealers just need to take a leap of faith and concentrate as much on aftersales and customer retention as they do on the number of test drives and new customer sign ups.

If you truly want to embrace your customers and target audience you need to speak to them on their terms which means you need to embrace digital and get technology up to speed.

Ref: *The Polk Company

Topics: retention, technology, loyalty, customer satisfaction

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