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Lack of dealer follow-ups out of sync with consumer requirements

Jon Oxtoby

Alex Knight

25 Feb 2019

Whilst car drivers are committed to fixing their cars to ensure they are in the best condition for the road, dealers need to up their game to deliver higher levels of customer care and boost aftersales business.

Two sets of research have thrown up a disconnect between dealers and their customers. On the one hand, car repair and servicing online marketplace found almost half (47%) of motorists were prepared to go into debt to fund repairs to their cars.

On the other, data from eVHC providers found dealers only completed 64% of checks in their workshop in November and December last year meaning potential upsell opportunities were lost but also necessary repairs could have been missed.

The research shows dealers are not taking the opportunity to identify work which may need to be carried out even though customers appear to be willing to pay. But not completing eVHCs means faulty cars could be leaving dealer workshops and vital revenue could be missed.

With more than a third (36%) of eVHCs not being carried out, albeit the autoVHC data refers to just the franchised network, dealers missed out on £17 million of service revenue in the final few months of 2018.

In October 2018, the average dealership undertook 64% of eVHCs compared to 73% in the same month in 2017 and in November 65% of cars received a check compared to 74% in November 2017.

By using autoVHC’s data, which shows an average uplift of £72 on each eVHC carried out, the year-on-year fall in completion rates works out to be £1,944 in October and £1,656 in November. The company calculated that across the UK’s 4,900 strong network of dealerships, it amounts to lost revenue of some £17,640,000.

Identifying work and either gaining authorisation or booking it in for a later date not only increases revenue but delivers exceptional customer care. Leaving a fault or repair, no matter how small, could mean by the time it is obvious, the repair bill is higher as well as potentially putting a driver at risk. Happy customers are more likely to return and refer you to their friends and family as well as leave favourable comments on social media platforms and review sites.

Dealers will be pleased to hear that motorists are willing to dig deep to keep their vehicle in the best condition for the road. The research shows customers are keen to keep themselves, their passengers and other road users as safe as possible. The research found the most common repairs were brakes, batteries, and wheel alignment.

Undoubtedly, aftersales departments which bridge the disconnect between consumer willingness to pay for repairs and proactive dealer activity such as undertaking eVHCs for all vehicles which come into the workshop will boost revenue but also deliver much higher levels of customer service.

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