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Less stress, happier customers, more money… what’s stopping you?

Jon Oxtoby

Catherine Osborn

22 Dec 2021

At this year’s AM Live in Birmingham, we built our stand around a relaxation theme. Dee Duck made her debut there and won hearts throughout the show, and another highlight was our AM Live Stressometer — a sticker chart to find out how stressed dealerships are, and what’s bothering them. 

What we learnt was that only four visitors to our stand declared themselves “chilled” and, probably not coincidentally, only four had invested in solutions designed to bring down stress levels. Talking to the others, we found them in a kind of holding pattern — they knew where they wanted to go, but prevailing conditions were preventing them from getting there.  

Fortunately, we were able to tell them that they have more control over the situation than they perhaps realised — and I’d like to share some of those insights with you now.

The AM Live Stress-o-meter — because sometimes, low-tech wins the day

It’s all too much!! 

Growing up, I never understood why my Nan turned down offers of help in the kitchen on Christmas Day, and then spent hours flapping like a headless… turkey… before declaring, “It’s all too much.” As an adult, I soon discovered that outsourcing sprout preparation only works if you’re prepared to serve them al dente with the Christmas pudding.

Raw sprouts

Raw sprouts are just one of the reasons people, nans especially, prefer to go it alone...

Sometimes, and particularly when you’re under severe stress, it just feels easier to get on with the job, even if you end up running yourself into the ground. And that’s where a lot of aftersales teams find themselves right now. They know there are solutions that can help them get on top of the chaos and boost customer satisfaction, but there’s no time to think, never mind implement something. 

If that sounds familiar, read on. Because, if you’re struggling to land, what follows might be the break in the clouds you were looking for… 

No heavy lifting

That’s right! Cloud-based digital communication solutions like CustomerLounge don’t require you to install any software systems, or your customers to download any apps. It’s all done in the cloud, using a web browser. 

Yes of course, there’s some setup to do — for example, mapping Keyloop fields — but we ask our customers to point us in the right direction and then we take care of all that. 

Here's Autino doing the heavy lifting. Sorry not sorry.

Keep training light and simple 

Software training is nothing like it used to be in the 90s — week-long courses and several lever arch files of notes. And of course, since the pandemic, we’re all set up to deliver training online — at a time and pace to suit your advisors. 

The system’s really intuitive too, so you’re looking at 1–2 hours’ training, at the most. 

No need to lose the human touch 

Sometimes, dealers tell us they’re holding on to the telephone for communications, because customers like the personal touch. And it’s true, they do, but it doesn’t have to always be delivered through the phone. 

Our research last year showed that 87% of customers prefer digital communications — they place a huge premium on being able to get timely updates about their vehicles, and a digital chat screen still allows you to strike a conversational tone. 

The great thing about taking a digital approach is that your advisors have more time on their hands to make a phone call when it really matters — like booking in more costly repairs or dealing with an unhappy customer. 

Make your solution pay for itself — and then some 

It’s not just service updates that benefit from digital comms: they’re great for sales campaigns too. Your DMS contains lots of valuable information about your customers and where they are in the sales/service cycle.  

You can leverage that info to put out targeted sales campaigns to promote everything from oil-top ups to service plans via automated campaigns. Some of our customers have identified additional sales of up to £15K a month this way. 

There’s a solution that’s right for you 

I often tell my kids there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved and if your problem is an over-busy, over-stressed aftersales team and unhappy customers, it most definitely can be fixed — and fast. 



Be the kind of parent your kids look forward to spending the weekend with — less tired, less stressed, and not afraid to coordinate your denims

We love hearing from dealerships how much better things are going now they have CustomerLounge, whether it’s a 40-pt NPS boost or a 31% drop in incoming phone calls.  

But we also love hearing about the less tangible benefits — how smoothly the onboarding went, how the phones are no longer ringing off the hook or even how they’re less tired for their families on a Friday night. We call it ‘incremental happiness’, making lives a little bit better each day and it’s what makes it all worthwhile. 

If that’s something you could do with in your life, why not get in touch and see how we can bring some joy to your dealership? 

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