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Money for nothing: introducing the CustomerLounge revenue calculator

Jon Oxtoby

Jon Oxtoby

10 Dec 2021

Boosting revenue in aftersales has always been a tricky business. Customers never seem to be very interested in the products and services you offer, while busy staff in the dealership are often reluctant to push products on customers (and of course, footfall in dealerships is still recovering). It can all feel like too much effort – but as car stock issues hang around like the super cold that swept the nation in November, aftersales revenue represents a welcome, even essential, lifeline for many dealerships.

Our aftersales customer communications platform, CustomerLounge, can take away the headache of generating aftersales revenue (think of us as a nice warm cup of Lemsip), by showing your customers tailored promotions at moments when they’re most likely to be interested. It’s proven to make a huge difference to aftersales revenue – and to help show you how much it could help you, we’ve created a handy calculator to show you how much revenue you could generate through our platform.

How does the calculator work?

The calculator is very simple to use. Click the link above, and pop in how many people your dealership sees each day. The calculator then shows you how much revenue you could generate through CustomerLounge’s tailored promotions. You can also get the results emailed to you, to show your dealer principal or other stakeholders in the business.

This is what the calculator looks like on our site...

The calculator works out the revenue you could generate based on real data from our existing customers who are promoting products and services through CustomerLounge. We take the price of each promotion, and the conversion rate of customers who click on the promotions, to calculate the value of the leads that CustomerLounge can deliver your business.

... and this is what the results look like!

How do the promotions work?

The good news is that although they’re very clever, the promotions are almost as easy for dealerships to use as the calculator itself. Any dealership using CustomerLounge can send its customers targeted promotions for a range of products, including service plans, air con refreshes, and alloy wheel repairs. These products and services are offered to customers through the CustomerLounge interface, appearing as messages in their chat with your dealership; customers can click on these messages to submit a request for more information about a particular product or service.

Here's what one of our campaigns can look like - but with your branding, of course.

The really clever bit is that CustomerLounge is built to offer customers promotions that are suitable for them, at times that they’re more likely to accept. Oil top-ups, for instance, aren’t offered to customers with electric cars. They're also offered to customers before their service, making them more likely to buy the oil top-up than if it was offered after the service. It’s smart little touches like this that mean our oil campaigns typically have conversion rates of 10% (and if you don’t know much about marketing campaigns, then most people would be happy with a conversion rate of around 5-7%).

What can CustomerLounge do for you?

We’re really excited about our calculator. Although CustomerLounge was built primarily to create happier customers through higher quality communications, we get that being able to boost your aftersales revenue is an important goal for any dealership – and we also get that communications and aftersales go hand in hand. Our calculator shows you how much revenue that promotions offered in the right way, at the right time, with the right words, could make your business.

Finally you can show your boss real projections instead of drawing on their window in marker pen.

There’s really not much more to say about it. Click here to go and give it a go, and see how much you could be making by using CustomerLounge. And if that number is really exciting, then why not give us a call?

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