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The CustomerLounge KPI Report 2021 has landed!

Jon Oxtoby

Catherine Osborn

17 Feb 2022

Well this is exciting. We’ve long said that CustomerLounge can help you reduce phone calls, increase satisfaction and boost revenue. We’ve talked the talk but can we walk the walk?

It seems we can. Here are some highlights from the newly published CustomerLounge KPI Report 2021 but don’t take my word for it, why not download it now and see for yourself? This report is free to download, and we won’t ask for your details.

Download the report here

2021 — a great year for knocking upsales and customer satisfaction out of the park

So one of the highlights is that CustomerLounge helped dealerships generate almost half a million pounds of leads in additional produce sales. One of our customers’ promotions did so well, they sold out of oil bottles — a great problem to have.

In other news, 61% of customer are engaging digitally with their dealership through CustomerLounge, and a whopping 86% of them are happy with the service they are receiving. We know that because in autumn last year, we implemented our Smiley Ratings feature that allows customers to give instant red/yellow/green feedback.

[Almost] unlimited smileage for CustomerLounge customers

Customers really are getting the message

In 2021, CustomerLounge helped dealerships communicate with 83,000 customers about 142,000 jobs, and sent just under 720,000 messages. Of the messages sent by customers, 60% were read within 10 minutes and 92% were actioned within 30 minutes. 

That’s a lot of phone calls saved and an amazing response rate too!

These customers can barely contain their joy now they are engaging with their dealership digitally… Too much? OK, let’s continue.

Here’s how our top dealership is doing

I’ve already mentioned that CustomerLounge helped generate almost £500K in additional sales in 2021. But what if I told you that over 20% of that figure was down to just one rooftop?

That’s right, our best-performing site achieved 103K in additional sales leads in 2021, and sold 423 oil bottles, 285 service plans and 46 air-con refreshes. Those conversion rates are pretty healthy too 👇

If just one dealership can do this in a year, yours can too

Are you ready to nail those customer conversations in 2022?

I’m under strict instructions not to spill all the beans — there’s lots more juicy data in the final report, which is free to download and we won’t ask you for any personal details. So why not download it now?

Download the report here


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