The Tech Driving Happier Aftersales

The technology driving happier customers

Jon Oxtoby

Alex Knight

06 Apr 2020

Getting in touch with customers prior to their visit is fairly common for car dealers, but communicating with a customer when their car is in the workshop can often be a different story...

Customers want to be kept informed of what's going on when they visit, and the traditional phone call just doesn't cut it in today's modern, mobile world. Invariably they can't take calls, and can sometimes struggle to get through when calling a busy dealer aftersales department back. This leaves them frustrated, with no visibility of what's happening with their car, often until they get a call saying 'It's ready'.

But it's not all bad news. There are systems out there that rise to the customer communication challenge and make use of the multitude of digital tools we have to hand these days, to reduce the phone load and create happier, returning customers.

Our CustomerLounge software does just that: it allows dealers to simplify and focus on communication when customers’ cars are in the workshop. It integrates with embedded dealer systems like their DMS to eliminate double keying, while intelligent, automated text messages take care of booking and pre-visit reminders. A simple, familiar chat interface allows customers to approve work digitally, whilst creating an audit trail.

Integrations with video and VHC suppliers create rich communication trails that engender greater trust, whilst delivering further dealership efficiencies. eVHC authorisation can be undertaken digitally and new developments include check-in and out functionality avoiding queues at the service desk at the beginning and end of the day.

Soon, integrated payments will arrive, so customers can pay for invoices and additional services online, saving time and hassle for them, and creating new, more efficient revenue streams for dealers.

By helping franchised dealers manage customer jobs each day, CustomerLounge ensures real-time communication flow between aftersales teams, and customers to be kept up-to-date about their car’s progress in the workshop. Such high-level engagement results in an improved customer relationship before, during and after their visit, whilst allowing management teams to run a more efficient workshop, with reduced non-productive time, and an end to missed calls and misplaced messages.

Building transparent, convenient communication channels creates happier and more engaged customers who trust their dealership and return again and again. 

And we're seeing the results right now. 

Using CustomerLounge saw a premium brand dealership turn around their customer satisfaction, from bottom 10% nationally to in the top 10 for their region in a matter of months. Other customers have reduced the load on their phone switchboards by 50% and generated £000's in additional revenue through pressure-free, online sales channels.

If you're interested in driving a happier, more modern way of customer communication, then talk to us today.

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