Transforming Aftersales Post Pandemic 1

Transforming aftersales post-pandemic and beyond

Jon Oxtoby

Alex Knight

21 Apr 2020

Workshops are likely to be faced with the challenge of managing pent up demand once businesses reopen following the lockdown.

With MOTs due from 30th March granted a six-month extension as the pandemic unfolded, aftersales departments could be clogged up with cars requiring MOTs in the days after restrictions are lifted, hopefully in May.

More digitally-enabled businesses will be better placed to deliver an efficient and effective response. Meanwhile, consumers who have adapted to a home-based, high-digital lifestyle will transfer those expectations to other aspects of their lives including vehicle servicing.

Autino is offering three-months’ use of its online customer engagement platform CustomerLounge with remote set-up, onboarding and training to support aftersales teams looking at ways to deliver a more efficient service which enhances customer interactions and satisfaction once business reopens.

Giving your workshop a digital ‘audit’ now will mean you’re better placed to meet both future demand and customer expectations whilst establishing a process that delivers great and consistent levels of customer satisfaction.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your DMS already does the job, it may be a brilliant operational tool but it’s not designed to give your aftersales team the tools, insights, vehicle and customer overview and automated communications to enable them to deliver an exemplary customer experience.

    • Integrations make life easier for the workforce and improves efficiencies resulting in an improved customer experience

    • Online booking allows the customer to select the type of service, preferred location and timeslot from their browser, so service bookings are open 24/7

    • Video enhances confidence when a car’s clean bill of health or repairs required are shown in a short video easily created by the technician and delivered straight to the customer’s inbox

    • Vehicle drop-off and collection improve communications and allow specific timeslots for drop-off and collection to reduce queues at the start and the end of the workshop day

    • Real-time communications keep customers up-to-date with the progress of their vehicle in the workshop whilst communications are tracked, managed and stored

    • Relevant upsells with transparent pricing at the appropriate stage of the customer’s journey is likely to result in an additional purchase

    • Declined advisory work should be automatically recorded, creating a pipeline of targeted communications for future opportunities

    • Automated alerts of advisory work maximises revenue potential as customers are advised on work required in a timely fashion so their vehicle’s safety and performance are not compromised

    • Feedback from customers who have received an exceptional service when the customer satisfaction survey is undertaken results in higher CSI scores and OEM bonuses

Read our white paper on how you can transform your aftersales operation with our help, and click here to find out how to use CustomerLounge free of charge for three months.

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