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Why we’re here

We’re here to drive satisfaction, retention and revenue for motor retailer customers in a digital world.

Experience drives revenue

The concept sounds easy. Deliver a great experience to your customers during their repair and they’ll be happy, buy more, tell others, and return in the future. But in practice it’s not that easy.

Do you have the systems and processes that can guarantee you a happy customer, in an increasingly digital world, in an ever more competitive marketplace and with ever more demanding consumers?

We’ve identified three key challenges facing every automotive business today.

These are the pillars that form all Autino products.

Deliver seamless, consumer-grade experiences

Consumer desire for convenience, choice, transparency and value for money has spearheaded the digital revolution. They expect elegant, fluid, consumer-grade experiences across every aspect of their lives. They have the power of the internet behind them with high expectations and low levels of patience. The automotive aftermarket in general has failed to evolve quickly enough to meet these requirements on a consistent basis. Consumers get more insight and information about their pizza delivery than they do about their vehicle repair. In a world where dealers are playing catch up with consumer requirements, a new breed of industry leader will emerge. One that recognises the need to delight every customer, every time, with every experience, whether that’s online or on-premises.

Increase revenue from fewer customers

A dealership’s opportunity to spend quality face-to-face time with aftersales customers is decreasing. Vehicles have become safer and more reliable. There are now fewer breakdowns and accidents. Consumers are increasingly choosing to lease, using car-sharing services, and fundamentally changing the way they deal with the industry. These factors and a host of other fundamental shifts mean that the average customer is driving 10% less than they did 10 years ago. This has impacted the amount of time they are spending in the service department. In fact, the overall aftersales market is forecast to decline by 6% in 2017. We believe that this is not a terminal decline but rather a digital transformation. It is the same transformation that has hit every high street up and down the country. There is simply less footfall traffic to sell to. Our vision is to increase aftersales digitally. By providing relevant, timely, helpful upsell offers at every stage of the customer’s aftermarket journey, we believe the dealership can increase sales and profit while delivering exceptional consumer-grade experiences.

Drive service advisor optimisation

With customers becoming more demanding and the time they spend in the dealership ever more precious, the service advisor’s role has become increasingly important. Service advisors are the face of the dealership and every dealership is only as good as its last customer interaction. Giving the advisor the tools, information, resources and time to provide a great customer experience is critical. We believe dealerships that provide the right digital solutions to support their advisors can greatly impact the levels of customer service. Solutions that automatically provide customers with all the information they need pre-visit. Solutions that offer intelligent upsells digitally throughout the process. Solutions that support the advisors to exceed the customer’s expectations. With trackable digital communications, the advisor can save huge amounts of time chasing customers for information, approvals and trying to get answers to questions. All of this frees them to deal with the customers who are there face-to-face. Delivering that enhanced personal care, creating a memorable experience and increasing customer satisfaction scores.

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What is the future of automotive aftersales?

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What is the future of automotive aftersales?